Hajj Retreat

August 31st & September 1st (EID al Adha inshallah)

Please come join our Hajj Retreat this year!  As we experienced with the Ramadan Retreat coming together to study Sidi’s teaching, doing the practices, being in retreat as a community provides all participants the special feeling and experience of walking together hand in hand with our beloved Guide Sidi.  Many who came during Ramadan experienced Sidi’s presence very strongly.  It is a very special time of love, community and walking together.  As Sidi’s says don’t miss your chance!

The 12th and final month of the Islamic Lunar calendar is named Dhul-Hijjah. It is a marvelous time full of immense blessings and spiritual opportunities. This is the month where Allah manifests a great sign of His unity in this earth. He has endowed the first 10 days and nights of this month with special blessings for the entire ummah, and He distinguishes a few of His slaves by calling them to visit His House & His Messenger during the sacred pilgrimage (Hajj). This is one of the 4 sacred months in the Islamic calendar, and there is a special opportunity for forgiveness.

For more information on the special important of this holiest of the Islamic calendar click here:


Said Bin Yunus, our Imam, will be leading morning practices, prayers and two teachings  on the importance of Hajj including its inner meanings!

We begin at Fajr on Thursday August 31st , fasting together, if you are able, on the holiest fasting day 9 of Arafah and end with EID al*Adha praying and feasting together on Friday September September 1st.

Registration for the Event:

Package Price: $250

  • Include 2 nights stay (Wednesday & Thursday night)
  • All Meals: Dinner on Wednesday, Fasting Meals on Thursday, Breakfast & EID Feast on Friday
  • All Teachings