Divine Touch – Women’s Retreat

January 19 – 21

With Amany Shalaby and Rifqa Guillot


Assalamu `aleikum dear beloveds,

For the first time ever, we are planning a women’s retreat for all the women in our tariqa.  This retreat will take place at the Mother Center in Pope Valley January 19-21.

Since the Center is currently in “hibernation” mode, we’ll all need to pitch in and help to cover the retreat’s cost (utilities, food, and Amany’s ticket). We are suggesting a $125/person contribution for the whole retreat.  We are also hoping that anyone who can donate more could then be supporting a sister to come who cannot afford the suggested amount.

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This retreat is a chance to connect more deeply with each other and explore what unites us as women on the Path to Allah.  We invite all our sisters to join us for this special offering!

The Program will, insha’Allah, include:

  1. Women in the Qur’an, and the Sacred Divine Law
  2. Know your body as the Sacred House
  3. Know your soul: What does it mean to be a living woman by Allah, in Allah and for Allah?
  4. Sisterhood as a tool for empowerment in the holy way
  5. …and much more

Questions? Please call (707-322-5608) or email Rifqa Guillot (saraguillot@gmail.com).

Salaam and blessings,
Amany Shalaby & Rifqa Guillot