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A History of Walter Springs

The healing springs located here were first discovered in the fall of 1871 by J.J. Walters. The surroundings are probably still just as rugged and romantic as they were back then, with the springs hidden away in the quietude of the mountains which rise to the east, north and west, several hundred feet above the valley. The hills parting to the right and left when looking south provide grand views of Cedar Mountain, a few miles away, thickly covered in brush and thickets of cedars, the limpid waters of Pope Creek flowing at it’s base.

The springs were said to have remarkable curative powers, which many hundreds of visitors each year would attest to. The marvelous cures witnessed by drinking and bathing in the healing waters of Walter Springs brought people here from as far as San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, who would arrive by boat and buggy and later, via steam train into nearby St Helena.

Stories of how dyspepsia, asthma and heart disease were routed quickly spread, and how soon after coming here the rheumatic cripple would throw away their crutches and climb into the hills in search of deer and rabbits, found in great numbers.

Walter Springs was purchased by the Shadhiliyyah Sufi Center in 1998 which has worked tirelessly to ensure that the restorative powers of the water, as well as the physical and spiritual healing programs, continue to benefit generations to come.