10 Day Ramadan Retreat

This year the Shadhdhiliyya Sufi Communities Board of Directors invites you to taste of the joy of gathering with our brothers and sisters, students and seekers, during this blessed time of year by coming to the Ramadan Retreat at the Mother Center and celebrating Ramadan with us in the way established by our guide Sidi Muhammad al Jamal ar-Rifai’i ash-Shadhuli.

All the beloveds of Allah are invited to come and drink deeply from the ocean of Allah’s Tender Love and Mercy that exists within our hearts and in our community heart. His Love and our beloved Sidi’s presence are strongly felt when we gather together in prayer and Remembrance.

The 10-day Ramadan Retreat has been a beautiful and holy tradition for our community for many years. More than ever it feels important for us to take these opportunities to be together and walk together.  It is our hope and prayer to gather our community for this blessed retreat such that the Center is full to capacity and overflowing, and our individual and collective hearts are deeply nourished.

Rajab is for Allah

Sha’ban is for the Prophet (saws)

but Ramadan is for the Community

YES, you can!  Come for part or all of the retreat!
Thursday, June 15 (fajr) – Saturday, June 25 (‘Eid)

Call (707-965-0700 x101), email or click now to reserve your spot at the 2017 Ramadan Retreat.

NEW!  There is a scholarship fund available to help those who need some assistance to attend.  Apply here. If you would like to donate so others may have the blessing of attending, click here.


The Retreat Will Include Teachings By:

ABD AL-HAQQ GODLAS will be teaching on:

  • Simplicity and Complications in Loving the Beloved’s Face
  • Finding Our Way in the World:
  • Guidance from Sidi Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal’s
  • Commentary on Al-Wadhifatu-S-Salaatu-l-Mashishiyyah in The Music of the Soul.
  • Quality Walks

Amany Shalaby will be teaching on:

  • The Hidden Beauty of The Qur’an”
  • Interpreting selected Surahs from the Qur’an insha’Allah!

Learn Quranic Recitation with Ahmed Manawy starting Sunday June 17th:

Beginning Arabic: Learning the Alphabet and Starting to Read InshaAllah,
Join us for 8 days of live classes in learning how to read and write in Arabic! Each day you will learn a new group of letters, and then have opportunities to practice so you master that group. In addition, each day you will build on what you have learned so you can start to read and write words. By the end of the 8 days you will be able to begin to read and recite Qur’an! Each class will be 1.5-2 hours daily in a group. You will also have additional time where the teacher and TA will be available to help you with the homework assignments.

Intermediate Arabic: Practicing Reading and Reciting
This is an open invitation to beloveds who already know how to read Quran but are not comfortable reciting it, or who want to advance in their recitation, or who just would like to be in a group that is reciting Quran. If you don’t yet know how to read Arabic or are taking the Beginner class in the morning, you are still welcome to join and just listen and absorb the sounds of the recitation. Insha Allah this course will be for 7 days where the teacher will sit after taraweeh prayers and listen to your recitation and help you to advance in reciting the Quran. We will choose 1-2 rules of Tajweed to practice during the 7 days and inshallah feel very comfortable using them by the end of the time.

Teachings with  Sa’id bin Yunus, Wadude & Nura Laird, A’isha Cotten,  Jannah Godlas, Zakariyyah Chan

Fajr prayers and practices

Sidi Video Teachings

Sacred Art with Rahima Wear

Silent retreat in Sidi’s rooms

Being held in the holy container of natural and spiritual beauty that is the Mother Center

Love infused community Ifthar and Suhoor meals prepared by Nura Melody

Love and hugs from your sufi family

Laylat al-Qadr Khalwah on June 21st

‘Eid Community Celebration!  June 25th, inshaAllah

We hope you join us for this deep spiritual retreat. A very holy time to join together as a community with our brothers and sisters and pray to Allah.

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Rooms & Registration for the Event:

Tuition is a sliding scale of $75 – $30 per day. This money supports the cost of the event, and ongoing classes through the center and communities.

Meals & Overnight Stay (includes 2 fasting meals per day, tuition not include in these prices) are as follows:

  • Single:, Meal and Room- $143
  • Double: – Meal and Room $95
  • Triple Meal and Room $85
  • Dorm Meal and Room $70
  • Camping Meal and Room$60

We offer gluten free, dairy free, sugar free options as well as halal meat and organic foods whenever possible.

We look forward to your stay with us.

Important Notes:

*If anyone needs lunch food will be available for sale through the Gift Shop.

*Special Request: In consideration of all participants, please do not wear scented personal care products (including ‘natural’ products). We have a number of chemically sensitive and allergic participants who are affected by these scents and cannot attend if others are wearing them (If using an insect repellent when hiking, please shower before returning to class) .

If you have other questions please call 707-965-0700 x101

May Allah Bless You and Your Family!

” Reserve your Spot Register Today!”

Khalwa Information:
Layat al Qadr will be on June 21st inshallah.

“Indeed, We have sent down this message on the Night of Power. And what will explain to thee what the Night of Power is? The Night of Power is better than a thousand months.The angels and the spirit descend thereon by the permission of their Lord with His decree for every affair. It is peace until the coming of the dawn.” [Q97]