Sufi School West

Ya Allah al-Jami’ ~ Ya Allah ash-Shakur

Everyone is Invited to Join the Celebration!

Friday Nov 8 – Monday, Nov 11

Sufi School West
Sidi Remembrance &
awlid for the Prophet’s Birthday

We will gather in celebration and gratitude to Allah His gifts to us, especially in these past two years, and for the gift of our Prophet (saws) Muhammad, and our Guide –
Sidi Muhammad al Jamal ar Rifa’i as-Shaddulli

Register for Meals and Rooms here

Important:  As always, there is no set charge for the program – you give what you can for the Face of Allah for your room and food.  Please do let us know that you are coming, however, as we cannot guarantee a room without notice.  And please bring your own sheets and towels.  Thank you!

Our Program: We will have Amany Shalaby, Salih Kent, Nura and Wadude Laird, and Mahdi al Jamal at the Center, and via Zoom we will have Ibrahim Jaffe Saturday morning and Salima Adelstein on Sunday, inshaAllah.  We are also working out broadcasting at least a few of the teachings and mawlids.  A schedule will be available shortly.

Community Help Needed to Prepare for the Event!

And, for those whose hearts are drawn (and bodies are able) there will be a preparation weekend Sat-Sun, November 2-3, 9 am to 4 pm, at the Mother Center to get ready to welcome beloveds to Sufi School West!     Sign up here.  You are warmly invited to join your brothers and sisters for community meals, practices and service!  (It’s fun!)  Come and spend the weekend, or come for the week!