Sequestering with Sidi (Online Class)

As the world waits for the Mercy of Allah to descend with His Healing & Protection, many people would like to come together with the spirit of our Shaykh, Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal, to reflect on his writings in this period of retreat.

Each week, Said Bin Yunus will read selections from Sidi’s text, offer commentary & lead a short dhikr to help us connect with the writings & spirit of our guide, our Prophet (blessings & peace be upon him) & the Presence of Allah (Exalted is He).


Fridays from 2:00 – 3:00 pm Pacific

To listen by phone, dial: (669) 900-9128, ID #618 980 135

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Class 10: “The Station of DeathPart 1: [1st ½ of Class] [2nd ½ of Class] In this session we discuss: the “elephant in the room” i.e. the subject of death; the reasons we avoid this subject; the need open to new perspectives on living & dying; the relevancy of reflecting on death during Covid/quarantine; the spiritual significance of Fridays/Jumu’ah dealing with death; understanding Sidi’s concept of death as central to his other teachings & path.

Class 9: “The Station of Patience” Part 9: In this session we discuss: the different degrees of having patience with not having Allah; the degree of the heedless & love of distraction; the degree of annihilation & having no self to have patience; & the degree of subsistence.

Class 8: “The Station of Patience” Part 8: In this session we discuss: the relationship of sabr/sabaara/raabita to islam/iman/ihsan & the stations of the nafs/heart/spirit; also benchmarks that help us find our place on the path of patience.

Class 7: “The Station of Patience” Part 7: In this session we discuss: the 3 Qur’anic terms for the 3 levels of patience: sabr, sabaara, raabita; as well as identifying signs of each level.

Class 6: “The Station of Patience” Part 6: In this session we discuss: 3 stations of spiritual development (islam/iman/ihsan) in relation to 3 stages of developing patience (sabr li-llah, sabr ma’a-llah, sabr ‘ala-llah); the 3rd station of ‘beautiful patience’ & spiritual beauty/excellence (ihsan); & related reflections from Ibn Ata’illah al-Iskandari.

Class 5: “The Station of Patience” Part 5:  In this session we discuss: the 2nd station of patience; reflections from Ibn Ata’illah al-Iskandari to support developing patience & having a good opinion of Allah (azal wa jal) in times of trial.

Class 4: “The Station of Patience” Part 4:  In this session we discuss: the 2nd station of patience, i.e. patience with predestination & some of the wisdoms of this station.

Class 3: “The Station of Patience” Part 3:  In this session we discuss: the 1st station of patience, i.e. sabr with the shari’ah; & some of the wisdoms of this station.

Class 2: “The Station of Patience” Part 2:  In this session we discuss: a review of 1st class for those not present; patience (sabr) as an act of belief (iman); 3 stages of belief (islam/iman/ihsan).

Class 1: “The Station of Patience” Part 1:  In this session we discuss: Divine Friendship (wilaya), station (maqam) vs state (hal); 6 unifying beliefs of all those seeking to be Divine servants, Patience ( sabr) as a Divine Attribuete; having a good opinion of Allah in times of trail.