Mosque rug2Said is the Imam (worship leader). He is responsible for the preparation and teaching of classes and sermons.  He leads the daily prayers along with the weekly Dhikr circles (group chanting).  He also supports students and staff by helping them to integrate the Sufi teachings into their daily lives.


Rahima is the Giftshop Manager. She runs the day-to-day operations of the Giftshop and the Online Store.  She also works across the other areas of the center (housekeeping, kitchen, maintenance, and office operations) to help keep the center running smoothly and to provide service for the guests. Rahima is also an artist who’s passion is grounded in Islamic Art. She has had many exhibitions around the country and in her spare time you will always find her with paintbrush or pen in hand. Originals of her work are sold in the gift shop at the center as well as prints online.

NuraNura Mel is the Kitchen Manager and Chef.  She takes care of all of the meals for the center from start to finish.  She shops for high quality ingredients (primarily organic and halal) and then she creates and serves delicious and healthy food, made with love.

RahimRahim is the Maintenance Manager.  He keeps the buildings and systems of the center running with day-to-day maintenance along with using his various skills in building repair, construction, plumbing, and electrical.

LailaLaila is the Finance Manager. She serves the needs of the guests through registration, finance and database management.  She strives to answer all of your questions and she is here to welcome everyone to the retreat center.

SalihSalih is the General Manager. He coordinates the planning and execution of what needs to be done in order to create and support a wonderful, well-functioning retreat center for the guests and staff.