Visiting the Center

Information on How to Come and Visit our Mother Center

As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, dear sisters and brothers,

Our Mother Center and land in Pope Valley, California belong to our whole community and forms one of the avenues for the fulfillment of our guide’s hopes for his beloved students.  For those who know it, it is a very special, blessed and holy place.  Very few communities have such a precious resource, and we are working diligently to preserve it and keep it available for our use.  

The change in late 2017 from a staffed retreat center to a donation supported community center has led to many shifts in how we operate.  Alhamdulillah, many volunteers have stepped in and helped with great generosity.  Without a working staff at the Mother Center, however, we have had to spend some time envisioning how we can keep the doors open while at the same time preserving the atmosphere of our Guide’s teachings, maintaining the integrity and safety of the facility, maintaining the safety of the people there, and striving to fulfill the vision of our guide for the Mother Center.  We have found that balancing all the needs is no small task!

We thank you for your patience and humbly share where we are at this time: 



Any beloved following the way of our guide with sincerity and politeness is welcome to visit the Mosque during the daytime provided that you give a 24 hour notice before coming.

Said notice can be given by contacting the Mother Center kitchen phone at 707-965-0854 or contacting Layla Jean at the Center through WhatsApp at 561-310-8823 or by calling the Residential committee chair Abdul Latif at 401-360-4562. If there is no one at the Center or if there is a problem at the Center such as no electricity or heat or wildfires are active, you may be advised to not come to the Center until its safe and reasonable to do so. This is why we need you to call ahead and please do not arrive unless you have spoken with with someone from the Residential committee or a current resident at the Center.

If you wish to spend the night we request that you register and receive confirmation beforehand, by contacting Abdul Latif Howard of the Residential Committee at 401-360-7221 or email , or with the on-site manager (if one is present).


Attending an event or program

We have been having and will continue to have regular programs and events at the Center, including Jumu’ah and Dhikrs. Please take a look at our Calendar to see when you can come and visit the Mother Center for and during an event. When you do, we will have some basic forms to fill out and guidelines to follow. 

Karim Ramadan!  All beloveds are invited to come for part of or all of the Ramadan retreat which will be starting May 12. See the website for the registration link and more details about this special event.


Requesting an extended or individual stay

Would you like to stay on after a program or visit the center for a few days, a week or a month outside of a scheduled event or program? …To come for your own zawiyya or to volunteer some time and love to the Center?   Contact Abdul Latif Howard at for more information or Submit request form here. This kind of visit will be on a case-by-case basis until we can establish a few stable residents to help ensure safety for the people and safety for the facility. 


Coming to volunteer and live at the Center

We are also looking for Residential Volunteers who have needed skills and abilities, and who understand and follow the basics of our guide’s teachings, to come and stay for extended periods at the Center. We invite tariqa members to ask their hearts about coming and contributing to the care of the Center and beginning to build an agricultural program, as well as helping us build a holy container for all the beloveds that come seeking the Peace and the Love. More details on this Residential Volunteer Program will be announced soon. You will be able to visit the website for details and a  link to the application.

Thank you again for your support and your patience with this process of transformation we are in.  We warmly encourage all beloveds to consider the Mother Center their spiritual community center, refuge and home. No other Sufi community in America has what we have, an established center for learning, living and gathering that is owned and operated by beloveds for beloveds….A place that is safe and welcoming where we all have the opportunity to study Sidi’s teachings and to practice politeness, caring for one another and walking in the holy way that he taught us. Please come and join us for an event, come on your own or become a full-time resident volunteer. Our community heart and Mother Center welcomes your visit and wishes you to enjoy the special gift of this holy place. 


Ma salaama,

The SSC Residential Committee

and SSC Board of Directors